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Meet Anne

Life And Trauma Informed Coach Specialist, ACC, BCC

  • Personal journey: Growing up in postwar Germany, I experienced childhood adversities that deeply affected me, leading to a profound understanding of trauma's impact on individuals. 

  • Academic and professional credentials:
    MA in Journalism, Minors in Psychology and Sociology
    ACC certification from the International Coach Federation
    Certified Grief Counselor with AIHCP,
    Specialized training in resilience and trauma work with Thomas Hübl


  • Multicultural experiences: Living in various cities like Paris, Munich, Berlin, and Los Angeles has enriched my perspective, fostering a passion for exploring different cultures.

Houses, trees, the sky

Recently, I published a memoir about my childhood in postwar Germany. "Freeing Rapunzel" is about transgenerational trauma and how I freed myself from my parents' suppression. Please visit my website to learn more. You can also buy the book at Amazon

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