Meet Anne

Life Coach Specialist

I am a Board Certified Coach as well as a Life Coach Specialist, helping clients rewrite their personal narratives. In addition, I am an ICF member with 80+ hours of training, and hold a master's degree in journalism with minors in sociology and psychology.

As a Life Coach specialist, I see myself as a guiding light, supporting people on their path to discover their purpose, act on their dreams and live their best lives. I’ve been passionately working in the field of human development for over 10 years as an HR specialist, as the co-founder of Los Angeles’ Goethe International Charter School and an educator–all work that led to my seamless transition into life coaching.

Born in Germany, I grew up in Berlin and worked in Paris, Munich and Berlin before moving with my husband and my two kids to California over 15 years ago. Given my personal cross-cultural experience, I have a special understanding of people who have relocated, but also those who have been taken over by the demands of life. I succeed in helping them redefine and reconsider their journey forward. I am fluent in English and German, and comprehend French at a high level as well.

Anne Christine Life Coaching - Purpose Clarity™ Program

I am a skilled listener and naturally curious person, attributes that lend themselves to my thoughtful approach to coaching. I lead questions and urge my clients to consider new perspectives, all with the goal of getting them “unstuck,”. No matter where they’ve found themselves in a search for a life full of meaning, happiness and success.

I am going to publish my memoir, FREEING RAPUNZEL, at the end of January 2022. It is about intergenerational trauma and traumatic reenactment. Besides my work, I can regularly be found on the tennis court, out for a run, playing piano or cello, or reading and hanging out with my two loving rescue dogs.