While working with me, we both become partners. As a life coach, I accompany you on the exciting journey to explore your dreams and desires which are already part of yourself. Yes, it needs your commitment and work but it helps the understanding of yourself growing deeper. You will be able to make peace with yourself and let go of past hurts. While you change, your relationships will alter as well. They become more respectful, caring and mutually beneficial. This is because you will have clear, stronger and healthier boundaries. To put it in a nutshell: By raising your awareness, you live and appreciate the present even more.

What it Means to me to be a Life Coach

Ethics: I abide by the ethical standards and core values of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Trust: I want my clients to feel safe and secure so that they can be free in their mind to explore how to turn their life from good to better.

Curiosity: The journey with my clients is driven by curiosity. There is nothing more interesting than the human mind.

Learning: I learn from my clients and so they learn from me. They are the experts of their life.

Courage: With growth comes change and that is why we need courage to face old habits and to try new pass ways in order to discover our full potential.

Anne Christine Life Coaching - Purpose Clarity™ Program
Anne Christine Life Coaching - Purpose Clarity™ Program

Resilience: Changing yourself is not done in a heartbeat. Even when you think you have reached your goal, it takes resilience, to not let it out of sight. It needs practice, practice, practice.


Patience: Be patient with yourself, don’t rush. The world was not invented in one day.


Humor: Exploring ones life is exciting and therefore uplifting. Laughing is the best medication.


Love: Love drives out fear. Situations that trigger fear are opportunities for love and thus opportunities for relationships and connection with others.


Life: Every life is unique and full of possibilities, we are like stars in the universe.