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“There Is Nothing Permanent, Except Change” - Heraclitus

We human beings are going through transitions throughout our lives like nature does. Every time we experience change, we embark on a transition journey that can be mirrored by the Seasons of Change Spiral (picture).

When you look at the spiral, where do you find yourself right now?

Most of us belief that we must be in spring and summer at all times but reality shows that this is not the case. On the contrary: we do more harm to ourselves in trying to be happy and are affected by the so called “toxic positivity”. But change is the only constant in our life. If we can accept change as a naturally occurring event, then we can embrace it, can even see something positive in it and use it to improve our lives.


It is when you feel that there is a shift in your life: this can be due to a one-time event or a difficult decision that has to be made. In that phase you prepare for what’s to come and should acknowledge that changes are happening.

Early Winter

Here you connect deeply with yourself, with what you really want. You are renewing yourself. What are your desires? What is your ideal?

Winter Solstice

This is the time to look at your life from different perspectives to open a new door to the future. You catch sparks of hope in the darkness.

Late Winter

You feel more upbeat and there are glimmers into spring. Trust your new insights and follow them.


This is the time of new growth, and you are bursting with energy while struggling with your reentry into your life.


You are feeling clear and confident and your life is abundant.

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